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The above lineup has not always been the lineup for The Stone Roses but it is the lineup they will always be remembered by. Other people who have been part of the band are listed at the bottom of this page.

Ian Brown was the lead singer of the Stone Roses. Hs swagger and infamous pout wowed an entire generation of youths. To those of us who watched the rise of the Roses in '89 he was almost a Godlike figure...And still is! On the return of the Roses with Second Coming it was a shock to see that Ian had shaved his head. The Mop had gone! But thankfully he grew his hair back. But his voice had entered new heights of flatness. A problem that dogged most of the bands live gigs that followed. But at the end of the day the magic was still very much there.

John was the main songwriter and lead guitar supremo of the band. One of the greatest guitarists ever to have graced the earth, (Check out his stuff on Drivin' South. Amazing!), he was a quiet person and prefered to leave the others to do the interviews. Like Ian he had the floppy hair or the John Squire 'Helmet' as it became known. (No offence John!). The lyrics he wrote were dark and deep. I still cannot fathom what he means by many of his lyrics but that edge that what gave the Roses much of their aura. It was a sad day when he announced his departure from the band. I'll never forget where I was when I heard the news.

Need I say anything about Mani. Just listen to the bassline on 'I Wanna be Adored'. What a way to open an album. And to close with that bassline on 'I am the Resurection'. What a way to close an album! Mani was a fantastic bass player who unlike many actually moved about on stage, adding to the performance. He made playing bass cool again. For those of you wondering why I've only mentioned songs on the first album its because of the 'John Squire volume' syndrome. On 'Second Coming' Mani is drowned out by John's lead guitar. A real shame.

The greatest drummer that ever has been! Watching Reni do his funky stuff on those drums was fantastic. It was as if the drums and him were one living breathing creature. When he departed not long after the Roses released 'Second Coming' it cut like a knife. No one could ever replace Reni. During the summer of '90 everwhere you looked kids were struting about in 'Reni Hats'. These days sun hats are as popular as ever but back then it was a statement. It was a respect. Now its fashion. Its a sin that John preferred to use a drum machine rather than Reni on 'Second Coming'. I'm sure that had Reni been allowed to play then he would never have left the band so soon after the release of this album.

Si Wolstencroft
(Drums -'84)
Andy Couzens
(Rhythm guitar '84-'86)
Pete Garner
(Bass - '84-'87)
Robbie Maddix
(Drums '95-'96)
Nigel Ippinson
(Keyboards '95-'96)
Aziz Ibrahim
(Lead Guitar '96)